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All new Pilots starting with ID SWA11000 will need to use LUVCARs 4 in order to complete flights using an automated logging system. This is because the new IDs will not fit into the log in box on LUVCARs 3 and previous versions. LUVCARs 4 is a stable release of our custom ACARs system and is our preferred method of PIREP submission. For any questions, please contact us!

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Upcoming Events

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Join the Miami ARTCC and San Juan CERAP on December 3rd for the Caribbean Crossfire.
This event is a mega-crossfire between Miami and San Juan from 2359-0430Z (1859-2330 EST).

Expect full ATC coverage all the way from San Juan to Miami.

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Tired of the cold northern half of the country? Come on down to KPNS where we here at ZJX will have KPNS from 1800EST-2200EST and it's subsequent charlies staffed for some fun in the sun :D

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In the Regional Circuit, controllers fully staff two regional airports, providing complete 'gate-to-gate' coverage over the three-hour event. The focus airports are typically 80-200nm apart, and a high volume of pilots operating in this compressed airspace means the Regional Circuit provides optimal conditions for congested frequencies and busy airways.

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The Seattle, Oakland, and Los Angeles ARTCC's are pleased to present the West Coast Showdown FNO! The entire west coast of the United States will be online and welcoming all traffic to Seattle - Tacoma International Airport (KSEA), San Francisco International Airport (KSFO), and Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) on Friday December 16th, 2016 from 2359 - 0500z. Join ZSE, ZOA, and ZLA as we kick off winter break and the holiday season on the west coast!



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Pilot ID Name Departure Arrival Status
SWA11305Tyler BourgeoisKMSPKMDWDescending
SWA3413Steve McCoy------Chatting
SWA5928Benjamin Dudley------Chatting
SWA6457Scott PalacheckKRSWKATLTaxing To Runway
SWA7396Joseph ShimKSJCKPHXCruising
SWA9940William GlivaKOKCKHOUChatting


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