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Dallas, TX Southwest Virtual Airlines has a a new promotional video!

This film was created by our very own Henrik Isaksen, a special thanks to him for all of his hard work.


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Upcoming Events

Departure: KBNA    Arrival: KBOS


Our group flight will be from KBNA to KBOS.

Pushback is starting at 1259EDT on August 8th (1659Z) with three minute separation between each departure.

Details are at:

Departure: MMUN    Arrival: KAUS


Our group flight will be from MMUN to KAUS.

Pushback is starting at 1959EDT on August 15th (2359Z) with three minute separation between each departure.

Details are at:



Company Map


Pilot ID Name Departure Arrival Status
SWA2350Keith RookKSEAKLASCruising
SWA2613Brian WilksKRDUKBWIApproach
SWA3487Kevin LoveladyKSFOKLASApproach
SWA3883Judd BakerKLBBKAUSCruising
SWA5594Daniel WasinskiKMCIKDALDescending
SWA5676Andy Morales------Chatting
SWA5931Alex J. KulakKAUSKLASCruising
SWA6199Justin Langosch------Chatting
SWA6618Ryan WalkerKLASKLITBoarding
SWA7711Aaron Kendrick------Chatting
SWA7976QuRon McNeel------Chatting
SWA8115Derek Manzanares------Chatting
SWA8316Alex MaldonadoKPHLKMDWClimbing
SWA8664Christopher Battisto------Chatting
SWA8853Buchanan McarthurKATLKSEAClimbing
SWA8955Nick Grewal------Chatting
SWA8960Jeff MorganMKJSKMCOCruising
SWA8973Justin Davis------Chatting


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