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Please help me in congratulating Joseph Chamberlain as the new Director of Events and Logan Schroeder as his Assistant Director here at Southwest Virtual Airlines! This is a very demanding and upbeat position that the staff felt would be best managed by two people. Since there are often times availability issues in regards to Vatsim planned events this helps us ensure that we have at least one Events Staff member present. This also opens the door to more creativity within the department.

Joseph has previously been a Crew Base Manager for us and has some great ideas and is very motivated!

Logan with his experiences with real world events in his extra curricular activities with things like school is a great addition to the team!

So welcome guys. Lets get those events rolling!

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Short notice event, but one that will be guaranteed fun for all involved, be advised this event is scheduled for 0000-0400z on the 14th, which is 1800-2200 Central Time on the 13th.


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Join the Houston ARTCC as we staff up Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and New Orleans in having an ARTCC wide crossfire.



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Pilot ID Name Departure Arrival Status
SWA1176Jeremy JurmanKHOUKEWRTaxing To Gate
SWA1362Gene PenceKRDUKTPAClimbing
SWA2936Steven Appelt------Chatting
SWA5980Sterling PaulsenKDENKTPAChatting
SWA7396Joseph ShimKDENKBOITaxing To Runway
SWA8548Brian SheffieldKMDWKLGAPushing Back
SWA8803Mark HubbertKBOSKINDCruising
SWA9372Eric WattersKMDWKDCAApproach
SWA9579Chris Davis------Chatting


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