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We hope you had a very happy Happy Holiday season and wish you a fantastic New Year!

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Departure: KHOU    Arrival: KATL


Our group flight will be from KHOU to KATL.

Pushback is starting at 1830EST on March 1st (2330Z) with three minute separation between each departure.

Details are at:

Departure: KPHX    Arrival: KBOI


Our group flight will be from KPHX to KBOI.

Pushback is starting at 1800EST on November 15th (2300Z) with three minute separation between each departure.

Details are at:



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Pilot ID Name Departure Arrival Status
SWA2159Bobby PortwayKISPKMCOCruising
SWA3481Mike MurphyKSANKOAKCruising
SWA3627Anthony IannaconeKFLLKTPAApproach
SWA5544Jean CombasKBWIKBOSCruising
SWA5594Daniel WasinskiKAUSKHOUApproach
SWA5773Dustin Record------Chatting
SWA5970Brian NavyKDENKGEGCruising
SWA6880amrick dhillonKABQKOAKTaxing To Runway
SWA7518Ron EricksonKTULKPHXTaxing To Runway
SWA7597Andy HatcherKBHMKBWICruising
SWA7806Jackson LyonsKSANKMDWCruising
SWA7812Noah HargetKBNAKDALCruising
SWA7843Brody CarlsonKBOSKHOUCruising
SWA7914Logan WallaceKTULKSTLApproach
SWA7924Samuel WallaceKTULKSTLFinal Approach
SWA8026Barry StonerKOAKKSLCDescending
SWA8152Paul Lee------Chatting
SWA8182Michael GadebergKOAKKPHXTaxing To Gate
SWA8203Matt LloydKOAKKPHXChatting
SWA8219Colton ArciniagaKABQKDENPre-Flight
SWA8338Craig BucklinKHOUKPHXTaxing To Runway
SWA8357Jacob KellerKTULKSTLDescending
SWA8373Daniel Maris------Chatting
SWA8385Marvin Justin Gray------Chatting
SWA8391Tyler Nelson------Chatting
SWA8398Andrew Quirion------Chatting


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