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Hello! SWA Virtual now has a Discord server! Please paste the following invite link into the Discord app when you click the + symbol to add a server. Please use your Pilot ID and First/Last name as your nickname for the server so we know who you are - for example SWA3762 Danny Flairty. You MUST be a SWA Virtual pilot to be allowed on the server.

Invite link:

If you unsure how to use Discord, there are plenty of resources online to help you!

Upcoming Events

Departure: KLAX    Arrival: KDEN


We will be pushing back at LAX heading to DEN at 2359Z on July 25th for our July Group Flight! Please join us on Discord if you plan on attending and we hope to see you there!



Company Map


Pilot ID Name Departure Arrival Status
SWA12098kevin matthewsKATLKRDUCruising
SWA12242Sean WarrenKMAFKLASCruising
SWA12279Hassan PetersonKCRPKHOUClimbing
SWA12316Anthony PolomaineKDCAKAUSCruising
SWA2159Bobby PortwayKSJCKMDWCruising
SWA4155Matt MasseyKPVDKMDWFinal Approach
SWA5544Jean CombasKFLLMMUNClimbing
SWA5649Randall HarrisKDENKPHXFinal Approach
SWA6880Amrick DhillonKLASKATLCruising
SWA8308Oswald Bien-AimeKATLKLGAClimbing
SWA8509Joe HillKMDWKMHTCruising
SWA9264Kyle ReeseKMDWKDCAApproach
SWA9378Curtis Ridge------Chatting
SWA9849Kaylan FullertonKELPKSANCruising
SWA9950Joshua Walters-MannehKDENKLAXCruising


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