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All new Pilots starting with ID SWA11000 will need to use LUVCARs 4 in order to complete flights using an automated logging system. This is because the new IDs will not fit into the log in box on LUVCARs 3 and previous versions. LUVCARs 4 is a stable release of our custom ACARs system and is our preferred method of PIREP submission. For any questions, please contact us!

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Upcoming Events

Departure: KPIT    Arrival: KFLL


Attention All Pilots!!!

Come join us for another great group flight with your southwest team. This week we will be taking over Pittsburgh International Airport as our departure and storming into Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport for our arrival. Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a flight. As usual all charts/diagrams will be provided. For the staffing (ATC) of the airports, it is still yet to be determined. With many of our amazing flights in the past they have all taken place in the evenings of the day. Now, I understand that we have pilots from all over the world and in many different countries. I would hate for some people to miss out on a flight because of that reason, which is why this flight is going to push our times a little out of the “norm”. This flight will take place on 10/30/16. We will have a pre-departure briefing at 10:30am EDT or 1430z. Once again, if you are not here for the briefing we will not be waiting up for you. Please email me if you will be attending the flight, but might miss the briefing. We will be having an expected push-back time of around 11:00am EDT or 1500z. This flight is about a 2 hour flight excluding time at the gate. To avoid any confusion about getting clearance and listening to the briefing please have your clearance by the time the briefing starts. Feel free to load up at any gate you want as well (Southwest uses any Alpha terminal gates). I encourage all of our pilots, including those not in the USA come join us. If you have any questions or concerns please email me. See you in the skies:)

Nick Brunetti
Southwest Virtual
Director Of Events

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In the Regional Circuit, controllers fully staff two regional airports, providing complete 'gate-to-gate' coverage over the three-hour event. The focus airports are typically 80-200nm apart, and a high volume of pilots operating in this compressed airspace means the Regional Circuit provides optimal conditions for congested frequencies and busy airways. (8-11 EDT)

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Its that time of year to polish the Skis and snowboards and hit your favorite slopes. Denver is in high demand of Pilots to fly these skiers in and out. Its a busy time of the year for Colorado, so put on that warm layer of clothing, ride the chair lifts up the mountain, enjoy the beautiful Scenery and make your way down the powdery slopes of the greatest Ski country in the world. 2300Z-0300z

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It's that time of the year again! Prepare yourself for one the larger events on the VATSIM calendar and you are invited to join in the fun!

WorldFlight 2016

This year, WorldFlight will be celebrating its 16th year of operations. WorldFlight will start in Sydney (YSSY) on 06 November and will finish 6 days later on 12 November.

WorldFlight is a virtual round the world flight that raises money for selected charities around the world. There will be a number of fixed based simulators participating in the event. Full ATC coverage from both local and international controllers will be provided throughout the event as it makes its way around the world.

Join the WorldFlight this year by participating in the event as it makes its way through your region, by flying one of the 45 designated flights or by controlling. Pilots are welcome to start your journey anywhere along the event, expect congested airspace and challenging approaches into a number of locations around the world.

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vZDC Washington ARTCC Presents
Never Dull at Dulles 2016
Featuring KIAD Washington Dulles Intl Airport
November 11, 2016
2345-0430z (1845-2330E) (1545-2030P)

vZDC Washington ARTCC is pleased to present our annual flagship event Never Dull at Dulles for VATUSA's Friday Night Ops. Join us on November 11th from 2345 to 0430z (1845-2330E) (1545-2030P) at Dulles International airport; Washington D.C.'s largest metropolitan airport. As such Dulles is a hub of international travel to/from the nation's capital as well as a focus point for domestic flights into and out of the Northeast and from coast to coast. Whatever flight and equipment you chose there will never be a dull moment at Dulles and we look forward to seeing you for this FNO.



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Pilot ID Name Departure Arrival Status
SWA11089Charles TaylorKMEMKDALFinal Approach
SWA11184Vinnie CovinoKATLKDENDescending
SWA11222Cody Mott------Chatting
SWA11223Jarrod RowsonKPDXKLASCruising
SWA1746Jake McHaleKDENKPHXCruising
SWA2217Bob KampmannKTPAKISPCruising
SWA2816Mike MoskovichKDENKPHXCruising
SWA3762Danny FlairtyKDENKPHXCruising
SWA5340Dakota LowryKPHXKHOULanding
SWA5594Daniel Wasinski------Chatting
SWA5931Alex J. KulakKBNAKECPFinal Approach
SWA6199Justin LangoschKMDWKCLEApproach
SWA6239Joseph MiracleKATLMMUNCruising
SWA7233Justin SamsKLASKSDFCruising
SWA8200David LaquerreKDCAKCMHCruising
SWA8371Jarrod LoweKPDXKSMFTaxing To Runway
SWA9006Kyle Kaestner------Chatting
SWA9159Tyreese WatsonKLAXKLASClimbing
SWA9356Alex HayesKSEAKSMFClimbing
SWA9371Roderic Saunders------Chatting
SWA9580Ben BainKBOSKHOUCruising
SWA9615Maxwell AghaKMKEKTPACruising
SWA9627Michael StoutKDENKLASCruising
SWA9730Francisco Cruz------Chatting
SWA9862Derek HerchkoKAUSKDALTaxing To Gate
SWA9892Michael MokrzyckiKDALKPHXCruising


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