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\r\nThe Virtual Washington ARTCC is pleased to announce Friday Night Ops in \'The Other Capital\' featuring Raleigh, North Carolina. The Washington ARTCC is best known for its name sake of the nation\'s capital in Washington D.C. however the airspace serves a number of other capitals including KRDU which serves the capital of the state of North Carolina. KRDU is the largest airport outside of the Washington metropolitan area for vZDC and serves nearly 10 million passengers a year to mainly the domestic destinations across the US but also to international destinations in Canada, England, France, and Mexico. KRDU is a regional distribution point for UPS in addition to mainline flights from FedEx and UPS. The airport is home to the 1st Batallion, 130th aviation regiment of the NC Air National Guard and home base to 139 general aviation aircraft. Whatever you choose to fly from the many options available we hope you will join the controllers of the Virtual Washington ARTCC in \'The Other Capital.\'



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Pilot ID Name Departure Arrival Status
SWA11026Daniel Klassen------Chatting
SWA11050Rocky JetKELPKAUSCruising
SWA2540Jordan ShamblenKPHXKSANBoarding
SWA2660Shayne NoftsKRDUKTPACruising
SWA5823Samer FaragKMDWKSDFPre Flight
SWA7932Jaydon AyacheKINDKLASCruising
SWA8955Nik VoltKDENKSNAClimbing
SWA9147Riley RhodesKMCOKATLBoarding
SWA9159Tyreese WatsonKDCAKCMHApproach
SWA9580Ben BainKBOSKBWICruising
SWA9597Jason FearingKSMFKPDXClimbing
SWA9615Maxwell AghaKSJCKDENChatting
SWA9627Michael StoutKSDFKTPACruising
SWA9897Alex Trebus------Chatting


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