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Hello all! We are looking for a new Director of Events here at Southwest Virtual. The application is now open. Please navigate to "Human Resources" then click on "Staff Vacancies" to apply!

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Pilot ID Name Departure Arrival Status
SWA2159Bobby Portway------Chatting
SWA2936Steven Appelt------Chatting
SWA3534Tyler JohnsonKBWITJSJClimbing
SWA3938James LivelyKMDWKLGACruising
SWA4253Marvin Aldrich------Chatting
SWA4465Timothy ArvinKSFOKPHXCruising
SWA5611Eric PetersenKSNAKOAKBoarding
SWA5668Ken BonnettKPHXKSJCCruising
SWA5931Alex J. KulakKMCOKMSYCruising
SWA5980Sterling PaulsenKLAXKHOUCruising
SWA7396Joseph ShimKBNAKCLECruising
SWA7405Robert BookerKBHMKLASCruising
SWA8325Russell DeSpainKOAKKSANChatting
SWA8485Benjamin WeaverKDENKLASCruising
SWA9019Chris FalshawKLAXKHOUCruising
SWA9277Brendan McReynoldsKMDWKOKCFinal Approach
SWA9371Roderic Saunders------Chatting
SWA9571Shelby DuniganKMCOKSDFCruising
SWA9579Chris DavisKSFOKLAXClimbing
SWA9582Doug Grotke------Chatting
SWA9593William GartonKFLLKTPADescending
SWA9597Jason FearingKLAXKDENTaxing To Runway


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