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Hello! SWA Virtual now has a Discord server! Please paste the following invite link into the Discord app when you click the + symbol to add a server. Please use your Pilot ID and First/Last name as your nickname for the server so we know who you are - for example SWA3762 Danny Flairty. You MUST be a SWA Virtual pilot to be allowed on the server.

Invite link:

If you unsure how to use Discord, there are plenty of resources online to help you!

The TS server address has changed to with the same password as before. Please visit for more information.

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If you are applying as a new pilot, please use an alternative email address so you can receive our standard welcome email.

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Thanks and Happy Flying!

Upcoming Events

Departure: -    Arrival: KLAS


We have been invited to join AvA with their VATSIM group flight.

On April 16, AvA ( will be doing the Tax event again like last year with a change. Starting time of 2359z (7:59 EDT/4:59 PDT). Instead of picking airports and making "conga lines", we will be requesting that the surrounding centers be open to allow pilots the freedom to choose any of several large airport to depart from and create a converging and not a conga.

Online will be centers from, Oakland, Salt Lake, Denver, and Albuquerque. That should give us plenty of large and medium airport to depart from. Plus most VAís should have hubís within that space.

See you there!



Company Map


Pilot ID Name Departure Arrival Status
SWA11043Christopher KnepperKDALKSEACruising
SWA11055Christian BlackKDCAKMSYCruising
SWA11233Ethan PorterKBWIKDENCruising
SWA11365Micah Franks------Chatting
SWA11889Todd MeaneyKBNAKBWIDescending
SWA12007Alan DeanKMDWKBOSTaxing To Runway
SWA12052Andrew JonesKMDWKBHMCruising
SWA2854Scott Bullock------Chatting
SWA3274Joe ConnollyKLAXKSTLCruising
SWA4155Matt MasseyKMCOKBUFChatting
SWA4466Mark CampbellKATLKLAXCruising
SWA5931Alex J. KulakKOMAKDENCruising
SWA6962Dean CooperKLASKMKETaxing To Runway
SWA7353Matt Caughenbaugh------Chatting
SWA7709Christopher Hallam------Chatting
SWA9615Maxwell AghaKBNAKBOSClimbing
SWA9940William Gliva------Chatting


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