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Welcome to Southwest Virtual Airlines!

We are delighted to see that you are interested in learning more about the operations of Southwest Virtual Airlines.

Before we get into specifics, if you are unfamiliar with the immense field of virtual aviation, you might be wondering what exactly a virtual airline is.

Well, a virtual airline (VA) is a group of flight simulator enthusiast that models the operations of a specific airline, specifically with you as the pilot. Sometimes a virtual airline can model one that is active in the real world, such as Southwest, and some virtual airlines can model completely fictitious airlines. They range in size from an airline with only a handful of pilots to VA's with a couple of hundred pilots.

So now you might be thinking, what exactly is the purpose of a VA? Well, for such a loaded question, we have a loaded answer. Virtual airlines were started to give a sense of purpose to activities conducted within a flight simulator. This basic premise has evolved over time, along with available technology, to provide increasing levels of immersion but always with the same core purpose. When combined with increasingly powerful personal computers, advancing flight simulation software, and communications networks, virtual airlines are often able to provide compelling, realistic, experiences similar to operations inside a real airline. Virtual airlines also provide an avenue for members to gain access to additional content, such as aircraft and scenery, for use with their simulator. The appeal varies; for younger members, virtual airlines provide a sandbox environment where they can experience the corporate environment of commercial business in the airline industry, without the risk of financial loss. These organizations also provide an outlet for those who are interested in aviation but unable to fly themselves in real life due to financial, health, or other reasons.

Academics have stated that members of these groups can often show significant attachment and immersion in their activity, building strong relationships with those who they share their created "space" with. Participants can become unusually dedicated and committed to their group through the forging of their strong bonds and sense of identity, despite the construct being entirely (or nearly entirely) fictional. Some of the groups are run similar to real-world airlines, and members can get a taste for being a professional pilot by joining one of the organizations.

Is Southwest Virtual Airlines affiliated with real world airlines?
Southwest Virtual Airlines, just like a vast majority of virtual airlines, is not affiliated with any real world airlines.

Does Southwest Virtual Airlines simulate real world code shares?
We sure do! SWAVA offers both AirTran and Volaris flights on its timetables. We also allow our pilots the privilege to fly any aircraft from the fleet of our code share partners.


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