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Nashville (BNA) Base Information

From The Desk of the Crew Base Manager

Welcome to Nashville!

Hello, and welcome to the country music capital of the world! It's my pleasure to welcome you on board as part of our Nashville crew base, or perhaps you're just visiting... either way, you'll find plenty to do here in Nashville, whether you like country music, or taking in many of the natural beauties of Tennessee, you'll find it here. As for Southwest's operation in Nashville, we currently hold 54% of the market for operations in to and out of Nashville, flying to 33 destinations year round, and an additional 2 destinations seasonally out of Terminal C, utilizing 13 gates. I hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me an email at the address listed below.

Conner Martin - Nashville Crew Base Manager


Nashville (BNA) Base Roster

Login First Name Last Name Hours Rating Country
SWA11089 Charles Taylor 131 Captain
SWA11282 Chandler Street 136 Second Officer
SWA11290 Dustin McComas 183 Captain
SWA11325 James Bain 23 Second Officer
SWA11339 Steven Jones 0 Trainee
SWA11392 Kyle Eherts 43 Second Officer
SWA11412 Taylor Glass 0 Trainee
SWA11425 Jeremy Wroblewski 0 Trainee
SWA11431 Grant Carlson 0 Trainee
SWA11439 Rob Vogt 10 Second Officer
SWA11464 George Smith 0 Trainee
SWA11479 Joshua Pemberton 67 First Officer
SWA11545 Luke Bettis 145 Second Officer
SWA11557 Ryan Carson 0 Trainee
SWA11584 Rich Pfeiffer 30 Second Officer
SWA11603 Kody Porter 0 Trainee
SWA11606 Keith Buckner 21 Second Officer
SWA11667 Daniel Sprague 14 Second Officer
SWA11733 Jesus Gomez 0 Trainee
SWA11737 Chris Hawkins 3 Trainee
SWA11740 Steve Galasso 2 Trainee
SWA11749 Doug Caron 17 Second Officer
SWA11769 Trenton Martin 15 Second Officer
SWA11820 Sean Keegan 0 Trainee
SWA11825 Chris OBriant 0 Trainee
SWA11834 Joao Victor Motta 0 Trainee
SWA11835 John Colttrain 3 Trainee
SWA2010 Juan Rosas 1,798 Senior Chief Pilot
SWA2271 Doyle Edwards 121 First Officer
SWA2480 Patrick Brightman 26 Second Officer
SWA2807 Isaac Whisenhunt 0 Trainee
SWA2885 DJuan Carter 1,049 Chief Pilot
SWA3074 Kevin Humphryes 9 Second Officer
SWA3090 Franklin Duncan 188 Captain
SWA3706 J.T. Coston 2,031 Second Officer
SWA4004 Michael Watkins 559 Chief Pilot
SWA4253 Marvin Aldrich 4,299 Executive Captain
SWA4292 Conner Martin 810 Chief Pilot
SWA5621 Cliff Meade 881 Senior Captain
SWA6835 Annette Huff 22 Trainee
SWA6941 Danny Lucas 199 Captain
SWA7064 Batu Asmaz 19 Second Officer
SWA7110 Randy Flagg 194 Captain
SWA7387 Colin Levy 51 Second Officer
SWA8094 Keith Coomer 47 Second Officer
SWA8177 Stanley Nelson 57 First Officer
SWA8205 Harris Cavin 27 Second Officer
SWA8325 Russell DeSpain 118 Captain
SWA8501 Joe VanMeter 426 Captain
SWA8639 Vince Branca 102 First Officer
SWA8838 Corey Burt 605 Senior Captain
SWA9068 Joshua Forschen 17 Second Officer
SWA9239 Jason Diket 569 Executive Captain
SWA9286 Jordan Sloan 148 Captain
SWA9480 Marvin Brooks 721 Second Officer
SWA9556 Alex Castanedez 51 First Officer
SWA9571 Shelby Dunigan 29 Second Officer
SWA9805 Jordan Patterson 320 Senior Captain
SWA9849 Kaylan Fullerton 171 Captain
SWA9850 Tyler Foster 652 First Officer
SWA9916 Dennis Stanek 51 Second Officer


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