Baltimore Base

As its name implies, Baltimore/Washington International Airport, located between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., serves both metropolitan areas. The airport's leading airline is Southwest with over 45 percent of all flights, but 26 other commercial airlines also offer flights for a total of 63 nonstop domestic destinations and 10 nonstop international destinations. As a low-cost alternative to other airports in the region, BWI's usage has dramatically increased in recent years putting a strain on existing terminal, roadway and parking facilities. To better meet the current and future needs of passengers and airlines, the airport is in the midst of a $1.8 billion expansion project. One recent addition is a free "cell phone lot" where people picking up passengers can park until they're called by the passenger instead of repeatedly circling the airport. The airport does promote circling of a different type - on foot or bike - on a 12.5 scenic trail that loops around the airport. The trail includes the Thomas A Dixon Jr. Aircraft Observation Area where you can view planes landing and taking off.

Baltimore Statistics

Baltimore Roster

Pilot ID First Name Last Name Rank
SWA1004TonyPittChief Pilot
SWA11023KeithBrubakerFirst Officer
SWA11055ChristianBlackExecutive Captain
SWA11148NickGreslaSecond Officer
SWA11233EthanPorterChief Pilot
SWA11471ParkerBennettFirst Officer
SWA11717KjKopeckyFirst Officer
SWA11814JonBradtmuellerSecond Officer
SWA11902ChrisGreeneExecutive Captain
SWA12027JustinBegarekSecond Officer
SWA12143StephenHoffmanSecond Officer
SWA12409MarianoHernandezSecond Officer
SWA2159BobbyPortwayExecutive Chief Pilot
SWA2391WillDanilovicsChief Pilot
SWA4714TimothyMetzingerExecutive Captain
SWA4959BrandonMckaySenior Captain
SWA5106TylerGirouardFirst Officer
SWA6221MikeMorrisSecond Officer
SWA6778JimJagelewskiSenior Captain
SWA7709ChristopherHallamSenior Captain
SWA8103PaulGoodmanSenior Captain
SWA8571JoeSchiavoSenior Captain
SWA9422NicoGrimesFirst Officer
SWA9579ChrisDavisExecutive Captain