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Baltimore (BWI) Base Information

From The Desk of the Crew Base Manager

Welcome to Baltimore!

Welcome to the Baltimore Crew Base! Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport is located a short 10 minute drive from Baltimore, and is located in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Southwest flies nonstop out of Baltimore to over 60 cities, including new tropical and international destinations! BWI has over 200 Southwest departures a day, and is a major hub for Southwest Airlines. Southwest operates out of the A, B, and C terminals in Baltimore. Thanks for choosing Southwest Virtual Airlines, and welcome to the Baltimore crew base!

Baltimore Crew Base Manager - Bobby Portway


Baltimore (BWI) Base Roster

Login First Name Last Name Hours Rating Country
SWA1004 Tony Pitt 1,150 Chief Pilot
SWA11018 Scott Robertson 181 First Officer
SWA11025 Luke Schlosser 167 First Officer
SWA11055 Christian Black 410 Senior Captain
SWA11213 Michael Kargol 116 First Officer
SWA11233 Ethan Porter 1,238 Chief Pilot
SWA11457 Mark Opalka 71 First Officer
SWA11471 Parker Bennett 109 First Officer
SWA11528 Peter Amato 83 First Officer
SWA11717 Kj Kopecky 70 Second Officer
SWA11738 Daniel Nguyen 23 Second Officer
SWA11795 Andrew Smith 41 Second Officer
SWA11842 Evan Gillogly 24 Second Officer
SWA11902 Chris Greene 211 Senior Captain
SWA11911 Jalen Lumia 0 Trainee
SWA11973 Andrea De Biase 229 Captain
SWA11984 Scott Hitt 172 Captain
SWA12126 Joseph Giuliani 0 Trainee
SWA12136 Craig Roderus 0 Trainee
SWA12137 Noah Lopez 0 Trainee
SWA12143 Stephen Hoffman 15 Second Officer
SWA12155 Ekrem Halimic 30 Second Officer
SWA12160 Teddy Rudin 0 Trainee
SWA1605 Matt Kazin 2,170 Captain
SWA2049 Kyle Perry 748 First Officer
SWA2159 Bobby Portway 6,587 Executive Chief Pilot
SWA2391 Will Danilovics 10,926 Chief Pilot
SWA2546 Julian Talley 3,598 Captain
SWA3036 Peter Meyerson 447 Executive Captain
SWA3352 Harold Darner 165 Captain
SWA4714 Timothy Metzinger 1,300 Senior Captain
SWA4959 Brandon Mckay 291 Senior Captain
SWA5102 Drake Burd 0 Trainee
SWA5244 James Attles 554 Second Officer
SWA5480 Joshua Reyes 335 Senior Captain
SWA6071 Matthew Murray 228 Captain
SWA6580 Muhammed Idriss 286 Second Officer
SWA6692 frederick leduc 0 Trainee
SWA6716 Michael Thomas 1,635 Captain
SWA6778 Jim Jagelewski 164 Senior Captain
SWA7042 Mark Ross 39 Second Officer
SWA7102 Colin OSullivan 6 Trainee
SWA7589 Kyle Smith 75 First Officer
SWA7709 Christopher Hallam 294 Senior Captain
SWA7958 Steven Torrens 714 First Officer
SWA8092 Angel Morales 1,095 Chief Pilot
SWA8103 Paul Goodman 412 Senior Captain
SWA8172 Timothy Carlisle 34 Trainee
SWA8571 Joe Schiavo 218 Captain
SWA8685 Andrew Treulich 44 Second Officer
SWA8831 David Wright 110 First Officer
SWA9239 Jason Diket 631 Executive Captain
SWA9901 Brandon Frantz 156 Captain


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