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Dallas (DAL) Base Information

From The Desk of the Crew Base Manager

Welcome to Dallas, Texas!

I want to welcome both old and new pilots to the DAL Crew Base, Southwest Virtual Airlines' corporate headquarters.

Here is a little history about your Crew Base here in Dallas. There is a long history between Southwest Airlines and Dallas Love Field. In the early 1960s, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) decided Love Field in Dallas could not handle future air traffic, and refused to continue federal funding for them. In 1979 the Wright bill was enacted, which basically restricted some destinations and number of passengers that Southwest Airlines and Love Field could handle. This was done because the other airlines that had moved to DFW felt it unfair that Southwest could stay and operate out of Love Field. On October 13, 2014, the amendment was repealed, allowing airlines to fly from Love Field to any city in America.

I think of Southwest Virtual Airlines as the pilots airline. We have enough real world structure to feel real, but enough latitude to keep it fun and interesting. I have been in hub management for many years, and have found a few things to will keep you in good standing. Do not fly the Concorde, do not refuel in mid flight, and show up for work (DAL is not a parking lot). If you have an issue with a flight or you system, let me know as soon as possible. If you do this we can resolve almost anything.

I want to invite everyone to get involved with Teamspeak and the events we have. These are great places to make friends and pick up a wealth of knowledge. Hope to see you in the air soon.

Also, if you're not currently a member of the Facebook Southwest Virtual Airlines group, you should think about joining. It's a great place to reach out to your fellow pilots and staff members, when you can't get on teamspeak! Your membership will be verified against the flight roster before access is granted.

Dallas Love Field Airport Charts and NOTAMs
Current METAR

Jeremy Werderman - Dallas Crew Base Manager


Dallas (DAL) Base Roster

Login First Name Last Name Hours Rating Country
SWA11043 Christopher Knepper 337 Senior Captain
SWA11075 Pedro Millikan 95 First Officer
SWA11118 David Derrick 463 Executive Captain
SWA11133 Clay Richards 223 Captain
SWA11199 Drew Leevy 289 First Officer
SWA11251 Daniel Laskowski 267 Second Officer
SWA11275 Garrett Waterbury 11 Second Officer
SWA11280 Clint Russell 63 First Officer
SWA11484 George Grosvenor 148 Captain
SWA11490 William Crawford 52 Second Officer
SWA11549 Jesse Proffitt 104 Captain
SWA11595 Matthew Leitner 27 Second Officer
SWA11604 Zach Froman 137 Captain
SWA11663 Brandon Johnson 35 Second Officer
SWA11686 Michael Bayer 55 First Officer
SWA11742 Brandon Burrough 349 First Officer
SWA11786 Jimmy Jean-Louis 42 Second Officer
SWA11910 Lyle Fultz 26 Second Officer
SWA11992 David Jones 908 Captain
SWA11996 Ryan Harris 26 Second Officer
SWA12031 Danny Whiting 96 First Officer
SWA12052 Andrew Jones 83 Second Officer
SWA12108 Seth Duncan 19 Second Officer
SWA12111 Michael Pannell 164 First Officer
SWA12142 Dylan Essex 0 Trainee
SWA12144 John Rapp 0 Trainee
SWA12146 Jonathan Penkham 6 Trainee
SWA1293 Robert Zolliecoffer 132 Captain
SWA1850 Robert Reifsnyder 368 Second Officer
SWA1888 Eric Fields 1,249 Captain
SWA2349 Jake Dawson 293 Captain
SWA4923 Danny Evans 1,399 Second Officer
SWA5370 Derek George 272 First Officer
SWA6203 Adam Martin 18 Second Officer
SWA6575 Ryan Gann 1,665 Senior Captain
SWA7069 Paul Rickard 622 Executive Captain
SWA7759 Ryan Ripley 182 Second Officer
SWA8966 James Flippin 53 Second Officer
SWA9083 Ken Webber 46 First Officer
SWA9152 Donald Aimer 10 Second Officer
SWA9292 Cayden Smith 113 First Officer
SWA9760 Jeremy Werderman 277 Captain
SWA9794 Jett Thornton 65 First Officer
SWA9862 Derek Herchko 4,469 Senior Captain
SWA9897 Alex Trebus 86 First Officer


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