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Denver (DEN) Base Information

From The Desk of the Crew Base Manager

Welcome to Denver!

A land a mile high (literally - the official elevation of the city of Denver is 5,280 feet MSL.) located at the foot of the Rocky Mountain range. Home of the Cheeseburger. YES! It's true.
Louis Ballast ran the Humpty Dumpty Barrel Drive-In in Denver, and he was the first person to trademark the cheeseburger.

Anyway, the skies are bluer in Denver (also true) as the water vapor in the air is that much less than it is everywhere else. That said, it is the perfect place to fly. Southwest operates over 159 daily flights from Denver out of 22 gates, serving 61 cities.

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Denver Crew Base Manager - Peyton Chisholm

-Blue skies and cheese fries

Denver (DEN) Base Roster

Login First Name Last Name Hours Rating Country
SWA1005 Josh Drummond 541 Senior Captain
SWA11136 Erik Davidson 760 Captain
SWA11180 Trevor DeLong 16 Second Officer
SWA11212 Mitchell Taydus 53 First Officer
SWA11321 James Thomas 140 Captain
SWA11563 Tony Yates 43 Second Officer
SWA11564 Mark Glassman 1,083 Executive Captain
SWA11669 Kelan Reilly 192 Captain
SWA12026 Martin Creighan 54 Second Officer
SWA12122 Pierre Dequack 770 First Officer
SWA12133 Steven Malyuk 11 Second Officer
SWA12179 Damian Rickard 5 Second Officer
SWA12194 Micah Vobora 119 Second Officer
SWA12240 Abrar Ahmed 2,613 Trainee
SWA12271 John Redmond-Palmer 3 Trainee
SWA12273 Kip Brouwer 7 Trainee
SWA12324 Jacob Daniel 0 Trainee
SWA12326 James Peterson 35 Second Officer
SWA12330 Mike Meilinger 339 Trainee
SWA12353 Glenn Wilkinson 204 Trainee
SWA12355 John Ritchie 0 Trainee
SWA12359 Drake Robichaud 101 Trainee
SWA1260 Ron Coyle 962 Chief Pilot
SWA2179 Chad Vandenberg 1,833 Senior Chief Pilot
SWA2350 Keith Rook 1,713 Senior Chief Pilot
SWA2351 Dale Reitz 3,059 Executive Captain
SWA3163 Doug Wilson 1,890 Senior Captain
SWA3534 Tyler Johnson 779 Chief Pilot
SWA3864 Hal Butts 222 Senior Captain
SWA4321 Rey Lopez 179 Captain
SWA4516 Jon Skiffington 90 Second Officer
SWA6107 Jeremy Vann 274 Senior Captain
SWA6825 Reid Matson 62 First Officer
SWA6846 Anthony Kring 206 Second Officer
SWA7236 Rod McCoy 89 Captain
SWA7382 Gordon Ediger 151 Senior Captain
SWA7405 Robert Booker 339 Captain
SWA8115 Derek Manzanares 258 Second Officer
SWA8301 Jonathon Glunt 756 Chief Pilot
SWA8879 Anthony Johnson 36 Second Officer
SWA8886 Preston Toborg 113 First Officer
SWA9042 Kyle Watkins 754 Second Officer
SWA9047 Chris Bundas 1,840 Senior Captain
SWA9074 Peyton Chisholm 533 Executive Captain
SWA9232 David Graham 69 Second Officer
SWA9425 Kyle Green 65 Second Officer
SWA9601 Michael Steudle 162 Captain
SWA9727 Craig Brown 200 Captain
SWA9970 Russell Hill 5,127 First Officer


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