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Houston (HOU) Base Information

From The Desk of the Crew Base Manager

Welcome to Houston Hobby!

Welcome to the Houston Crew Base! My name is Brett, and I am the crew base manager here in Houston. I joined SWVA in August of 2015 and have loved this VA ever since. Before joining this VA, I flew on my own in the sim world for about 3 years. I have always had a passion for aviation and Southwest Airlines exclusively. Southwest currently has 47 destinations out of Hobby within the lower 48, a few being seasonal, and 9 international destinations throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. Our base currently has over 40 active pilots and I'd like to see that number grow. Being a native Texan, I'm happy to be here! Houston Hobby is a great hub and a great place to join!

Brett Johnson - Houston Crew Base Manager


Houston (HOU) Base Roster

Login First Name Last Name Hours Rating Country
SWA11053 Nick Brunetti 37 Second Officer
SWA11191 Jordan Robinson 553 Second Officer
SWA11247 Michael Snow 83 Second Officer
SWA11284 Jason Lu 0 Trainee
SWA11417 Julian Lee 108 First Officer
SWA11461 Sebastian Astorga 0 Trainee
SWA11483 Rand Brewer 256 Trainee
SWA11508 Cameron Kerr 0 Trainee
SWA11552 Surendra Pritish 153 Trainee
SWA11619 Gareth Morgan 0 Trainee
SWA11624 Mike Bow 2,694 Captain
SWA11683 Andii Schlotz 40 Second Officer
SWA11687 Jaxon Dambrosio 5,020 Second Officer
SWA11688 Jamyson Dore 4 Trainee
SWA1176 Jeremy Jurman 541 Executive Captain
SWA1704 Tyler McBee 642 Executive Captain
SWA3091 Hery Rakotondrainibe 99 First Officer
SWA3279 David Rushing 1,144 Senior Chief Pilot
SWA3938 James Lively 1,868 Senior Captain
SWA4274 Lynn Edwards 932 Chief Pilot
SWA4756 Augusto Aguirre 151 Captain
SWA5129 Michael Rivera 382 Senior Captain
SWA5263 David Knapp 467 Executive Captain
SWA5340 Dakota Lowry 1,632 Senior Chief Pilot
SWA5649 Randall Harris 7,651 Executive Chief Pilot
SWA5914 Edward Montoya 89 Captain
SWA5980 Sterling Paulsen 1,200 Chief Pilot
SWA6218 Christopher Bull 24 Second Officer
SWA6296 David Hadawi 114 Captain
SWA6962 Dean Cooper 1,611 Senior Chief Pilot
SWA7218 Ian Jacobson 1,039 Second Officer
SWA8025 Tevin Goodridge 262 Captain
SWA8089 John Marionneaux 345 Senior Captain
SWA8335 Jose de Chaby 21 Second Officer
SWA8505 Clifton Alexander 153 Second Officer
SWA8620 John Manley 75 First Officer
SWA8658 Ricky Castrigano 388 Senior Captain
SWA8710 Lester Padgett 1,235 First Officer
SWA8896 William Handley 718 Executive Captain
SWA9085 Jonathan Clark 441 Captain
SWA9096 Brett Johnson 1,254 Chief Pilot
SWA9180 Tony Reynolds 122 Captain
SWA9186 Jonathan Slaughter 18 Second Officer
SWA9266 Martin Douvry 58 First Officer
SWA9421 Matthew Garcia 94 First Officer
SWA9501 Danny Young 114 First Officer
SWA9533 Tom Savage 48 Second Officer
SWA9739 Luis Santiago 97 First Officer
SWA9947 John Leach 159 Captain
SWA9983 Derek Schatz 40 Second Officer


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