Los Angeles Base

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), located on the Pacific coast about 15 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles, is ranked fifth in the world for the number of passengers it serves each year. Almost every major domestic and international airline operates out of the airport providing flights across the U.S. and around the world. In particular, it is major gateway for long-haul flights to and from Asia, Australasia and Latin America. The airport consists of 10 separate terminals to handle all of those passengers including the always bustling Tom Bradley International Terminal. If you need to switch terminals to catch a connecting flight, you have two options: walk (check distances before you embark on this with luggage) or take the free Airline Connections shuttle bus that runs every 12 to 15 minutes. If you have time between flights, live out your Jetson’s fantasies at the retro Encounter Restaurant located 70 feet above the ground in a historic building that looks like a flying saucer that sprouted legs. Back on earth, LAX has a reputation for being difficult to navigate and prone to delays, especially in the immigration lines for international arrivals, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Los Angeles Statistics

Los Angeles Roster

Pilot ID First Name Last Name Rank
SWA11065SteveMcbeeSenior Captain
SWA11481MyckoSanchezFirst Officer
SWA11811CristianoVelosoSecond Officer
SWA11973AndreaDe biaseSenior Captain
SWA11980ColeFreemanSecond Officer
SWA11991SimonHarveyFirst Officer
SWA12228JamesMurphySenior Captain
SWA12242SeanWarrenSecond Officer
SWA1234DuaneBuckExecutive Chief Pilot
SWA12352ReinerHelveyFirst Officer
SWA12368FelixFontanezSecond Officer
SWA12397LiamCrabbeSecond Officer
SWA12402NickBaboulidisSecond Officer
SWA2484AntonioKingChief Pilot
SWA3987KevinKhachatryanFirst Officer
SWA4911BobFranksSenior Captain
SWA5858MattGrimesExecutive Captain
SWA6330JasonLavalleeSenior Chief Pilot
SWA7990BarryCunninghamSenior Captain
SWA8348DevonHowardSenior Captain
SWA8365CoreyDombrowskiSecond Officer
SWA9487AndrewReynoldsSecond Officer