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Orlando (MCO) Base Information

From The Desk of the Crew Base Manager

Welcome to Orlando!

On behalf of everyone here at Southwest Virtual Airlines, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the crew base of Orlando! Located in Central Florida's Orange County, Orlando is the 4th largest city in the state, has received the nickname "The City Beautiful", and is well known for famous attractions such as the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando, Sea World, LEGOLAND and many more! Orlando International Airport sits 6 miles southeast of Orlando and is the second-busiest airport in Florida serving over 41.9 million passengers in 2016.

Southwest Airlines started service into Orlando on April 7, 1996 with 12 daily departures to 7 cities. Over 20 years later, Southwest averages 125 daily departures with non-stop service to 43 destinations, operates 20 gates out of Airside 2, and is Orlando’s largest airline carrying 29% of all passenger traffic!

Wanna get away? Look no further! Book your flight to Orlando today!

Matt Massey - Orlando Crew Base Manager


Orlando International Airport Charts and NOTAMs
Current METAR

Orlando (MCO) Base Roster

Login First Name Last Name Hours Rating Country
SWA11114 William Gilday 794 Chief Pilot
SWA11184 Vinnie Covino 77 First Officer
SWA11194 Noah Marcoux 164 First Officer
SWA11245 Aaron Simpson 38 Second Officer
SWA11299 Stanley Morrison 44 Second Officer
SWA11518 David Miner 472 Second Officer
SWA11611 Tyler Cook 6 Trainee
SWA11614 Andrew Masse 105 First Officer
SWA11621 Richard Morris 70 First Officer
SWA11668 Ryan Wans 49 Second Officer
SWA11706 Filippos Apostolopoulos 2 Trainee
SWA11746 Ben Elder 1,370 First Officer
SWA11803 Ryan Whitford 24 Second Officer
SWA11812 Vandyke Goodman 12 Second Officer
SWA11836 Rick Charleston 410 Second Officer
SWA11848 Anthony Cocomazzi 19 Second Officer
SWA11893 Shane Friedman 6 Trainee
SWA11907 Shaquille McIntosh 14 Trainee
SWA11908 Ethan Martin 21 Trainee
SWA11915 William Gil 0 Trainee
SWA11933 Albert Thomas 2 Trainee
SWA11937 Florian Chiari 1,161 Trainee
SWA11943 Mike Madery 600 Trainee
SWA11949 James Wilson 0 Trainee
SWA11956 Nathan Foltz 0 Trainee
SWA1281 Michael Bertolini 1,231 Captain
SWA1362 Gene Pence 3,861 Executive Chief Pilot
SWA1677 Jim Anslow 2,585 Senior Chief Pilot
SWA2255 Jerry Woods 363 Senior Captain
SWA2426 Jesse Kovacs 852 Senior Captain
SWA2459 Darren Esannason 1,244 Captain
SWA2516 Rajiv Forbes 42 Second Officer
SWA2540 Jordan Shamblen 609 Executive Captain
SWA3204 Connor OBrien 273 Senior Captain
SWA3481 Mike Murphy 939 Executive Captain
SWA3521 Cory Wienckowski 94 Trainee
SWA3627 Anthony Iannacone 316 Senior Captain
SWA3702 Dylan Cannon 1,327 Senior Chief Pilot
SWA3746 Weston Hall 359 Senior Captain
SWA3871 Neil Whitwell 102 First Officer
SWA3911 Shant Kahwajian 118 Second Officer
SWA4155 Matt Massey 6,610 Executive Chief Pilot
SWA4358 Dan Faenza 195 First Officer
SWA4739 Xavier Colon 154 First Officer
SWA4845 John Duff 249 Senior Captain
SWA4885 Efrain Rodriguez 134 Captain
SWA5410 Christian Bay 392 Captain
SWA5579 Tim Smoyer 45 Second Officer
SWA5594 Daniel Wasinski 3,878 Executive Chief Pilot
SWA5813 Matthew Hirano 35 Second Officer
SWA5863 Will Easley 260 Senior Captain
SWA5891 Charlie Read 232 Senior Captain
SWA5931 Alex J. Kulak 1,206 Chief Pilot
SWA6188 Zach McDonald 587 Executive Captain
SWA6199 Justin Langosch 688 Executive Captain
SWA6403 Justin Mersier 257 Senior Captain
SWA6824 Keith Lovell 612 Executive Captain
SWA6935 Josiah Quallo 73 First Officer
SWA7135 Jay Collie 55 Second Officer
SWA7328 Emanuel Rodriguez 432 Executive Captain
SWA7396 Joseph Shim 1,220 Chief Pilot
SWA7812 Noah Harget 195 Captain
SWA8008 Eric Manthei 187 Captain
SWA8111 Darien Barnes 191 Second Officer
SWA8184 Robert Freiberg 137 First Officer
SWA8271 Ryan Bonavita 241 Captain
SWA8354 Carson Holder 420 Senior Captain
SWA8548 Brian Sheffield 77 First Officer
SWA8697 John Nicholson 75 First Officer
SWA9080 Luke Aveyard 326 Senior Captain
SWA9223 Daniel Molinari 119 First Officer
SWA9285 Mohit Mahtani 140 First Officer
SWA9307 Ethan Gerst 191 Captain
SWA9346 Fred Shepherd 8,337 Executive Captain
SWA9368 Lewill Brown Sr. 238 Captain
SWA9372 Eric Watters 351 Captain
SWA9491 Trey Damico 1,532 Senior Chief Pilot
SWA9595 Aaron Yuergens 365 Senior Captain
SWA9766 Justin Alicea 122 First Officer
SWA9825 Antonio C Magagnini Jr 126 Captain
SWA9834 Joshua Hazelton 188 Senior Captain
SWA9881 Javann Zonicle 77 First Officer
SWA9905 Steven Rodriguez 838 Senior Captain
SWA9927 Logan Glowth 102 First Officer


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