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Chicago (MDW) Base Information

From The Desk of the Crew Base Manager

Welcome to Chicago!

Chicago Midway airport was opened in 1923 and was originally named Chicago Air Park. Only 20 minutes from Downtown Chicago (The Loop) via the L's Orange Line and 15 minutes (traffic permitting) from Downtown Chicago via the Stevenson Expressway, Chicago's Midway International Airport is an excellent alternate to Chicago's O' Hare Airport.

Chicago Midway (KMDW) is Southwest Airline's largest focus city serving 66 destination year around, with 7 additional destinations being offered seasonally. Southwest Airlines operates out of most gates out of all 3 of the terminals at Midway: A, B, and C. Midway's longest runway is Runway 13C/31C at 6,522 feet long, followed by 4R/22L at 6,446 feet long. Southwest currently operates more than 225 daily flights out of Midway International Airport. Chicago's Midway Airport is often dubed 'The busiest Square-Mile in the world.

Connor Anderson - Chicago Crew Base Manager


Chicago (MDW) Base Roster

Login First Name Last Name Hours Rating Country
SWA11029 Ryan Drozd 79 First Officer
SWA11036 William Pau 570 Trainee
SWA11048 Zakery Husk 109 First Officer
SWA11155 Tyler Hanus 338 Captain
SWA11156 Michael Janda 96 First Officer
SWA11242 Bud Newman 1,426 Second Officer
SWA11261 Austin Kukral 474 First Officer
SWA11272 Justin Clevenger 4,100 Captain
SWA11301 Tyler Sheppard 194 Captain
SWA11433 Michael Vernon 508 First Officer
SWA11521 Luis Carmona 33 Second Officer
SWA11618 Harrison Kane 19 Second Officer
SWA11634 John Foley 42 Second Officer
SWA11637 Nathan Gute 47 Trainee
SWA11643 Vladimir Debeljak 40 First Officer
SWA11680 Ankit Raheja 19 Second Officer
SWA11695 Matthew Stewart 105 First Officer
SWA11710 Jay Barrett 12 Second Officer
SWA11722 Paul Gardiner 15 Second Officer
SWA11745 Erick Rocha 1,227 Trainee
SWA11767 Angel Gonzalez 187 Trainee
SWA11785 Caleb Duress 0 Trainee
SWA11799 David Ballard 2 Trainee
SWA11800 Nolan MacDonald 10 Second Officer
SWA11801 Reed Scheinberg 10 Trainee
SWA11813 Connor Gandossy 17 Second Officer
SWA11818 John Stephens 13 Second Officer
SWA11832 Ronny Whaley 9,000 Trainee
SWA11839 Jackson Rhodes 0 Trainee
SWA1214 Aaron Purcell 1,228 Senior Chief Pilot
SWA1697 Brandon Carroll 127 Captain
SWA1948 Jack Hrymak 1,612 Chief Pilot
SWA2816 Mike Moskovich 1,109 Chief Pilot
SWA3126 Ken Packer 351 Senior Captain
SWA3180 Dave Malinowski 1,086 Chief Pilot
SWA3274 Joe Connolly 1,466 Chief Pilot
SWA3382 Connor Anderson 803 Chief Pilot
SWA5077 Brock Goodman 87 First Officer
SWA5195 Paul Smith 70 First Officer
SWA5275 Robert Welch 239 Senior Captain
SWA5721 Paul Alleruzzo 1,098 Trainee
SWA5943 Samuel Byam 2,035 First Officer
SWA6071 Matthew Murray 170 Captain
SWA6239 Joseph Miracle 1,279 Senior Captain
SWA6336 Kyle Kopecky 706 Executive Captain
SWA6843 Craig Herndon 410 Senior Captain
SWA7353 Matt Caughenbaugh 1,003 Chief Pilot
SWA7510 Eric Robertson 1 Trainee
SWA8375 Anthony Powell 1,347 Senior Captain
SWA8750 Nestori Kinnunen 14 Second Officer
SWA8803 Mark Hubbert 6,856 Executive Captain
SWA8811 Matt Huetsch 186 Second Officer
SWA8904 Rick Roach 1,005 Senior Captain
SWA8911 Juraj Lauko 6 Trainee
SWA9015 Mike Eldridge 148 Second Officer
SWA9221 Keinan Rogan 384 Senior Captain
SWA9235 Christopher LaFreniere 21 Second Officer
SWA9264 Kyle Reese 3,098 First Officer
SWA9316 Farid Danyaro 24 Second Officer
SWA9383 Tyler Baker 370 Senior Captain
SWA9403 Ethan Wallenberg 283 Second Officer
SWA9448 Terry Milanese 98 Captain
SWA9520 Braeden Schmidt 17 Second Officer
SWA9530 Ahn Byungchan 197 Captain
SWA9644 Sam Ryan 24 Second Officer
SWA9661 Alexander Bridgewater 191 First Officer
SWA9892 Michael Mokrzycki 507 Executive Captain
SWA9941 Tim Simpson 61 First Officer
SWA9950 Joshua Walters-Manneh 595 Executive Captain


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