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San Diego (SAN) Base Information

From The Desk of the Crew Base Manager

Welcome to San Diego!

On behalf of Southwest Virtual Airlines and its crew, I'd like to welcome you to San Diego. People come from all over the world to visit the great southern California city. Here at San Diego, we are all about having fun. We have wonderful beaches, mountains, weather, and a rocking night life.
San Diego Lindbergh field is the busiest single-runway airport in the US. There are 465 scheduled flights each day, providing 48,000 passengers a way to travel to their destinations. Southwest Virtual Airlines makes up 42.7% of the flight schedule each day, making Southwest Virtual a major staple in San Diego.
If you have any questions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me. Ultimately, flying for Southwest Virtual is supposed to be fun, and it is! I also feel that it should replicate real-world operations, and you as pilots should as well. You will find all of Southwest Virtual's policies in the SOP, and my only basic expectation is for you to follow the SOP.
Thank you for being a part of this amazing and fun VA. I will see you in the skies!

Dylan Lundberg - San Diego Crew Base Manager


San Diego (SAN) Base Roster

Login First Name Last Name Hours Rating Country
SWA11016 Ethan Hunt 61 Trainee
SWA11026 Daniel Klassen 161 Captain
SWA11252 Alejandro Diaz Raga 38 Second Officer
SWA11327 Kashif Eizdi 87 Trainee
SWA11405 Douglas Ulyate 35 Second Officer
SWA11411 Jake Sager 114 Captain
SWA11553 Jeremy Tarter 16 Second Officer
SWA11571 Kenneth Crooks 15 Second Officer
SWA11612 Taylor Gonzalez 20 Second Officer
SWA11724 Guy Eisenberg 0 Trainee
SWA11755 Chris Balo 0 Trainee
SWA11760 Daniel Bednar 0 Trainee
SWA11774 Patrick Canler 28 Second Officer
SWA11796 David Takacs 0 Trainee
SWA11822 Jacob Collins 16 Trainee
SWA11831 Ewan Hardingham 0 Trainee
SWA11846 Danny Moore 3,754 Trainee
SWA1707 Ryan Lowe 87 First Officer
SWA1790 Bob Bressert 935 Chief Pilot
SWA2186 Robert Walton 85 Second Officer
SWA2241 Alex Pal 211 Second Officer
SWA2945 John Martin 889 Captain
SWA5676 Andy Morales 358 Senior Captain
SWA5760 David Satterthwaite 26 Second Officer
SWA6156 Don Hodges 829 Executive Captain
SWA6205 Matt Gardner 7 Second Officer
SWA6509 Michael Evans 36 First Officer
SWA7515 Roy Colemere 48 Second Officer
SWA7594 Terrance Escontrias 1 Trainee
SWA7933 Mark Davis 206 Senior Captain
SWA8395 Alessandro Muntoni 4 Trainee
SWA8532 Geoffrey Solot 368 First Officer
SWA8799 Kyle Adams 322 Senior Captain
SWA9023 Gavin Chavez 9 Second Officer
SWA9145 Angelo Corredino 533 Executive Captain
SWA9277 Brendan McReynolds 253 Captain
SWA9317 Martin Pereira 10 Second Officer
SWA9350 Logan Moore 52 First Officer
SWA9457 Dylan Lundberg 344 Senior Captain
SWA9525 Tommy Jasperson 242 Captain
SWA9615 Maxwell Agha 516 Executive Captain
SWA9877 Felix A Almonte 1,001 First Officer


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