San Diego Base

San Diego International Airport, also known as Lindbergh Field, is located near downtown San Diego, a metropolitan area known for its mild climate, plentiful beaches and world-class attractions like the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. The airport received its moniker, Lindbergh Field, because Charles Lindbergh made San Diego the starting point for a trip that culminated in the first-ever solo, nonstop transatlantic flight in his plane, the Spirit of St. Louis. In fact, a life-size replica of Lindbergh’s plane hangs above baggage claim in Terminal 2 – one of many interesting displays in the airport. These days, the airport is served by 22 major airlines and regional jet services with Southwest offering the most flights. The airlines operate out of three terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and the Commuter Terminal. The airport is the nation’s busiest single runway airport, however its limited runway capacity cuts down on the number of international flights the airport can accommodate.

San Diego Statistics

San Diego Roster

Pilot ID First Name Last Name Rank
SWA11114WilliamGildayExecutive Chief Pilot
SWA11774PatrickCanlerFirst Officer
SWA11846DannyMooreFirst Officer
SWA12260PaulBrownlieSecond Officer
SWA12336MiguelSigmundSecond Officer
SWA12374CharlesNevinSecond Officer
SWA1790BobBressertChief Pilot
SWA1959TylerJohnsonSecond Officer
SWA5676AndyMoralesSenior Captain
SWA6156DonHodgesExecutive Captain
SWA6580MuhammedIdrissSecond Officer
SWA6931JoshGreenSecond Officer
SWA9457DylanLundbergExecutive Captain