[VATUSA] Check Density Altitude

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Departure Airport: KABQ
Arrival Airport: KABQ
Route: Pilot's Discretion
Date: 06/25/22 22:00:00Z (GMT)

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I'm just gonna leave this here: https://www.faasafety.gov/files/gslac/library/documents/2011/Aug/56396/FAA%20P-8740-02%20DensityAltitude%5Bhi-res%5D%20branded.pdf

Join ZDV and ZAB on 6/25 as we feature:

ABQ (5355')
SKX (7095') - Uncontrolled
AXX (8380') - Uncontrolled
DRO (6689')
FMN (5507')
LXV (9934') - Uncontrolled - Highest elevation airport in North America

We will be online from 2200z-0100z