SVA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

SVA Pilots,

While the staff team is well aware of the COVID-19 Coronavirus issue taking the world by storm, I would like to ensure that our pilots are doing okay in this messy time. I understand that for many being told to stay home with transitions to the online infrastructures for work or school, or just straight up closure of businesses allows you to gain more time in the cockpit. Now, that surely is a plus for the VA, but I know that not everyone has the luxury of this kind of time during this situation.

For those who have the freedom to fly more with us, please feel free to invite people along and make light of the situation with group flying and participating in VATSIM events! Visit some new destinations, or make a trip across from Hawaii to San Juan!

For those who are now in a more tough spot to achieve the minimum monthly flight requirement, you have our sympathy. I understand that a transition such as this may impact you negatively, and I completely understand. Therefore, if you need any LOAs or time extensions to log your flight, don't hesitate to reach out to your Crew Base Manager via Email or Discord, or

I understand that this situation can work both ways in terms of activity for our pilots. I urge to you that you focus on what needs have to be met for yourself/family in the real world over trying to log a flight with SVA.

If you have any questions/comments/etc.. feel free to reach out. We are a LUV'ing community here, and will support each other indefinitely.

Blue Skies and Good Health,

Matt G.
Director of Operations
Southwest Virtual Airlines