[VATUSA] 23rd annual Boston Tea Party Poker event

Event Summary

Departure Airport: ZBW
Arrival Airport: ZBW
Route: N/A
Date: 08/06/22 16:00:00Z (GMT)

Event Attendance

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Events Details

On Saturday, August 6, 2022, ZBW will be hosting their 23rd annual Boston Tea Party Poker event within the Boston Center airspace. This event runs from 12:00pm ET - 7:00pm ET {1600-2300z}, with a hard cutoff at 7:00pm. Pilots are encouraged to fly into or between Class B, C, or D airports within the ZBW airspace to receive a card for their poker hand. The pilots who compete in the poker competition and receive at least a 5 card hand, may have a chance to win great prizes from sponsors. ZBW has great prizes from Aerosoft, Airfoil Labs, Burning Blue Designs, FlyTampa, Honeycomb, Hot Start, Laminar Research, LatinVFR, and Navigraph. A full list of detailed rules is available on the Boston Virtual ARTCC website linked below.

Boston Virual ARTCC Website Posting: https://forum.bvartcc.com/topic/14286-06-aug-2022-12-07pm-et-tea-party-23rd-annual-boston-tea-party/#comment-96277