In order to connect MSFS to LUVCARS, please ensure you download the latest version of FSUIPC v7 (FOR MSFS ONLY) from the link below.


- Set your PC's region settings to US/English

- Upon downloading FSUIPC v7, you can skip the registration process that is requested by the installer when prompted.

- FSUIPC v7 will create a desktop icon upon installing. ONLY run this client, it will launch MSFS for you with FSUIPC enabled, allowing for connection to LUVCARS.

- A reminder to load your aircraft into the desired departure airport and ensure your parking brakes are set and fuel is loaded.

- Once loaded into the sim as prescribed above, you can begin the desired flight.

- IF you experience the 'Error occurred drawing aircraft', ensure you launched your sim as above, using only the FSUIPC v7 launcher and not launching MSFS independently from that.

This has been the proven way to successfully connect MSFS with LUVCARS. Currently, any additional errors are unknown and/or unsolved.

Blue Skies,

Matt Grimes
Chief Operating Officer
Southwest Virtual Airlines