Training Department Update!

Training Department Update!

Our very own tranining department has launched their own website, allowing training sessions to be booked as well as tracked. Here you can find a gracious amount of resources to guide you in mastering the B737 aircraft that Southwest Operates!

You may also book simulator sessions, as well as having a training instructor accompany you in busy virtual events such as our own in-house events or VATSIM sponsored events! Check it out!

Activity Report

With over half a million logged virtual flight hours, we are busier than ever! Weekends are proving to bring over 30 pilots online and flying at any given time! That is incredible to see! It is always fun to check in on the statistics page (ABOUT > STATISTICS) to track the current number of flights completed as well as individual and base progression over time! Seems to be competitive around this time of year!

Keep up the awesome work and flying!


A general reminder of why we are here. Southwest Virtual is here to enhance the flight simulation experience. We upload weekly schedules matching real world operations, but do not require these schedules to be flown real-time. We allow the aspect of realism to remain optional, with stipulations to this realism laid out in the SOP. We are also pleased to offer services allowing for additional learning and experience building, simulating the real-world Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Virtual operates on the premise of having fun while flying, and growing our tools such as flight-monitoring software isn't possible without continuous support from our community. We ask that you enjoy flying with us and reach out whenever you need us to assist in improving your experience here at Southwest Virtual.

The VATSIM community also thanks us for our continued support of the VATSIM network and thanks our pilots for demonstrating professionalism over the radios.

On behalf of the entire staff team, I personally would like to thank all of you for showing your continued support and LUV for our great Virtual Airline. All of you are the foundation the success of our community and keep us motivated to formulate new ideas and plans for a continued future. I again will address, if you need anything at all, don't hesitate to reach out and ask for assistance! We are a LUV'ing community and wish to remain that way! Also, join the Discord:

Blue Skies,

Matt Grimes
Chief Operating Officer
Southwest Virtual Airlines