Getting Started...

Southwest Virtual Airlines welcomes pilots from all backgrounds and experience levels. From the real world pilot to the flight simulator beginner, our doors are open to everyone ... well, almost everyone. There are a few very simple requirements which must be met before you can join our organization. Please familiarize yourself with the following three (3) requirements, and once you are sure that you satisfy each, you may begin the application process!


You must own a valid copy of one of the following flight simulators.

1. Flight Simulator 2020
2. X Plane
3. Prepar3D
4. Flight Simulator X
5. Flight Simulator 2004



Maintaining an internet connection is essential to your participation in any virtual airline. Our reporting technologies use the web to send information to our servers. If you do not have an active internet connection, you may want to consider waiting to apply.



Southwest Virtual Airlines pilots and staff are required to understand and adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). All policies that govern all pilots and staff are contained in the handbook. The handbook also covers the airline's history, organizational structure, flight categories and equipment. All prospective pilots should download and read the SOP and become familiar with the policies and information contained there.

Legal Notice
Privacy Policy

If you believe you satisfy the three (3) requirements above and agree to all policies, please click the 'NEXT' button below.