Welcome to Southwest Virtual Airlines.

What We Are

Welcome to Southwest Virtual Airlines (SWAVA). We are a virtual airline that is operated by flight simulator enthusiasts, for flight simulator enthusiasts. SWAVA simulates the flight operations of Southwest Airlines. We were formed on a set of 5 imperatives and are strongly committed to their advancement. Southwest Virtual Airlines advocates the advancement of flight simulation in an environment free of suffocating pressure, narrow-minded perspectives and zealotry that tend to become the hallmark of large-scale virtual airlines. In this respect, SWAVA strives to ensure all pilots are exposed to realistic and varied opportunities through the following strategic initiatives:

1. SWAVA is dedicated to the very pilots who form the nucleus of this virtual airline; all decisions by management shall be made with the interests of the pilots at the forefront of its thought-process.

2. SWAVA shall through its website and technologies provide an environment where pilots of all experience levels and interests are challenged and intellectually stimulated in the pursuit of their hobby.

3. Great weight shall be placed on providing incentives for online flying (VATSIM), as well as the necessary training for those pilots wishing to learn the how best to participate in online flying.

4. SWAVA shall continually strive to ensure its automated reporting systems, as well as its flight planning systems; remain up-to-date and accurate to ensure complete realism.

5. SWAVA shall provide ample opportunities for accomplished pilots seeking advancement into staff positions to demonstrate their leadership and commitment in consideration of promotion into vacant positions.

Based off of our imperatives, this would be a great time to note that we host an ‘open door’ policy with all of the members of our administration. This means that any concerns or general comments can be made to any staff member through an appropriate means of communication. Suggestions are highly encouraged, however, please keep in mind that decisions are made with the interest of all pilots in mind. We also operate on a quality over quantity focus.

Our History