LUVCARS 5 Released!

LUVCARS 5 (L5) is live! After an immense amount of work and feedback, L5 is finally ready to go! Here's a message from our CEO and L5 developer, Ryan Flynn!

L5 Statement

L5 Release!

Setting ourselves apart from other virtual airlines has always been within Southwest Virtual Airlines' interest. We take immense pride in continuing this ambition by using our own website and software for flight tracking and reporting!

We certainly could not have made it this far without the support of our community! It is more than satisfying to see the happy responses from pilots when they see their long-desired suggestions come to fruition! We hope pilots continue to enjoy the new client and further remain happy here at Southwest Virtual Airlines!

L5 New Feature List:

  • New User Interface
  • Dark/Light Mode UI Toggle
  • Performance Calculations
  • SimBrief Integration
  • Departure/Arrival Airport Weather + D-ATIS (as available)
  • Departure/Arrival Airport Scheduled Gates (as available)
  • Checklist Integration
  • Flight Diversions
  • Auto-Download/Import of Website Bookings
  • Report Review
  • New Announcement Sound set
  • Seatbelt Sign Announcement Trigger
  • New Announcements Section
  • General Chat Improvements
  • Direct Messaging

L5 Team:

Developer: Ryan Flynn

Project Contributors:
Matt G, Braden T - L5 Documentation
John M - Dispatch and Performance tool data

Testing Team: Matt G, Braden T, Kayden T, David D, Gene P, Jameil J, Dennis S, Colby M, Chris W, Tyler J, Noah H, Matt P, Devon H, Zach F, Matt M, Rodney S, Brian M, John M, Steve I, Davor K, Michael S, Justin S, Nathan O, Jaser M, Steve P, Eric M, Jehu L, Dylan C, Chris F, Gustavo T, Travis K, Chancz M, Greg E, Brad W, Shaun H, Ethan H, Marvin A, Matthew P, Christopher K, John C, Matthew R, William H, Keith R, Scott G, Adrian L, Greg L, Brandon C, David R, Dakota L, Matthew M, Brett J, Brian L, Ron C, Mark C, Daniel W, Rashon C, Eddie C, Scott M, David A, Antonio K, Ryan S, Noah V, Cameron W, Liron D, Jim A, Weston H, Nicholas J, Le'Will B, Bob K, William G, Derrick L, Richard S, Dax D, John M, Ryan R, Pete W, Jason P, William P, Jason N, Geoff B, Jeffrey W, Dwayne V, Isaiah C, Daxton D, Jeff T, Jason A, Jonathan D, Hunter G, Brayden S, Trenton T, Jack F, Chris C, Ronald M, Tony P, Ben S, Matt P

Again, thank you to all of our contributors for their incredible work and feedback to make our client what it is today! If pilots have any feedback regarding the client, they can send us an email, or contact us via Discord!

See you in the skies!