[VATUSA] Nightmares in Newark

Event Summary

Departure Airport: KEWR
Arrival Airport: KEWR
Route: Pilot\\\'s Discretion
Date: 06/16/22 23:00:00Z (GMT)

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Events Details

Sky Blue Radio, The Pilot Club, and The New York ARTCC proudly present a nice Thursday evening fly-in. This event is a hybrid between GA and jet aircraft, so feel free to fly whatever you want! We are here to have a good time and cool vibes all around!\r\n\r\nThe Pilot Club is planning to arrive between 9pm - 10pm Eastern if you want to land during the primary arrival push!\r\n\r\nEvent Field:\r\nDate & Time: June 16th 2022, 7:00pm → 10:00pm Eastern (2300z - 0200z)\r\nTime on Target: 9pm - 10pm Eastern (01z - 02z)