Southwest Virtual Partnerships

We are excited to announce our new partnership with VerticalSim and iniBuilds! This partnership will allow members of Southwest Virtual Airlines to benefit from Discounts offered by VerticalSim and iniBuilds in exchange for product announcements and utilization of said products.

VericalSim Website
VerticalSim Discord

VerticalSim Discount Code:

A bulk discount on VerticalSim products is available under the VerticalSim channel on our Discord!

iniBuilds Website
iniBuilds Discord

How to obtain the iniBuilds Discount Code:

In order to qualify for the 20% product discount, pilots must have a minimum of 10 filed and approved flight reports as outlined in the POH.

If you meet said requirement, please contact myself on Discord @SWA5858 Matt G | COO or via email ( for flight verification and code redemption.

Please do not share codes as this is meant specifically for members who qualify within our VA as both incentive and appreciation. Code usage and redemption is monitored. Sharing of codes will result in permanent removal from Southwest Virtual Airlines.

Products Eligible for Discount:

Dallas (KDAL)
Detroit (KDTW)
Los Angeles (KLAX)
San Antonio (KSAT)
Buffalo Niagara (KBUF)
Oklahoma City (KOKC)
Eagle County (KEGE)
Victorville (KVCV)

Buffalo Niagara (KBUF)
Eagle County (KEGE)
Oklahoma City (KOKC)
Victorville (KVCV)
Yeager (KCRW)

Please refer to sva_partner_information on Discord for an outline of this program.