LUVCARS 5 Update now available!


We're thrilled to announce that LUVCARS 5 Version 0.26 is now available for download! v0.26 is packed with fantastic updates and enhancements we've been hard at work on for the past three months! We hope you enjoy these new updates!

To update:
Simply Launch your LUVCARS 5 client, it will download and install the latest version! If you are having issues updating your client - Click Here!

LUVCARS 5.0.26 Changelog:

[FIX] - Compiler bug causing antivirus issues.

[ADD] - Voice checklist option.

[ADD] - Custom announcements.

[ADD] - Interactive Co-Pilot for SVA Flows/procedures.

[ADD] - PMDG SDK checksum.

[ADD] - Legs not Flown Option to Timetable.

[ADD] - Cancel Uplink to FMC Feature.

[ADD] - Advanced Dual Audio Output Option.

Useful Documentation:

- L5 User Guide

- Interactive Co-Pilot Guide

- SVA B737 AOM

- CA Flows NG/MAX

- FO Flows NG/MAX

- L5 DEMO VIDEO by Airborne With Micah
Video represents a general flow of how to utilize the Interactive Co-Pilot within L5. Procedures demonstrated are not 100% IAW SVA AOM/SOP.

Reminder to update your AIRAC to the new 2403 cycle before hopping online!

Ending with heartfelt gratitude, we extend immense amounts of LUV and a profound thank you to all those who have chosen to journey with Southwest Virtual Airlines. Your ongoing support and valuable feedback empower us to continuously enhance our services and aim for greater heights! A special shout-out goes to our exceptional staff team for their unwavering dedication in ensuring our members are always well-cared for. If you have any feedback about LUVCARS, please send us an email, or post in the "va-support" forum on our Discord!

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